Silhouette have played StarSound Studio in Utrecht as a part of the Wings Unfurled NL+UK tour with Also Eden.

Check out the footage below:

Silhouette - Lost Paradise | Betrayed Again | Devil's Island - LIVE

Silhouette - Web of Lies - LIVE


Silhouette - Unreal Meeting - LIVE

This instrumental track, called Escape, is probably the heaviest one of Silhouette's 2014 release Beyond the Seventh Wave, but yet, melodic en progressive. It tells the thrilling story of the escape of an innocent man, convicted for life. Video editing by Arjan Laan

Silhouette - Escape - Official Music Video

"Wings to Fly", released by Silhouette on the 2nd of October 2014, was the first single from the album "Beyond the Seventh Wave".

"Wings to Fly" - Acoustic Live in Culemborg