"Listening to 'Beyond the Seventh Wave' takes me back to those classic prog rock albums by bands such as Kansas, Yes, Genesis, Marillion, IQ etc. during their 80s periods. The production is immaculate and spacious, with one foot in the past (walls of analog synths) and one in the future. The guitars are perfectly blended against the Wakeman-esque synths, who regularly go head to head for some very tasteful soloing. Melody is never sacrificed at the altar of flashy technique though- this album is about delivering a tale (a well-chosen tale, I might add) through accessible, memorable songs, and not about impressing teenagers with chops-from-hell (although clearly these musicians have enough in reserve). As such, the instrumentation and general harmonic arrangements of the songs are sympathetic to the story being conveyed. Most importantly (to my ears), each of these guys clearly has a good sense for the tone of their individual instruments, which adds together to makes a very pleasing band sound as a whole (i.e. no mosquito vibrato in the guitar which seems to plague many bands of this particular genre). A special mention goes the singer's pitch perfect delivery. Add to that a strong adaptation of a great story, you have a very enjoyable and listenable album here."

"So I have listened to the latest Silhouette release and quite simply ........... I was truly blown away.......... Privileged to be given an advance listen I truly had trouble keeping this from bandmates and friends but honesty and the given word are a bond that cannot be broken no matter what so everyone else will just have to wait for it's release. Won't stop me talking about it though. It's an album full of rich, complete developed melodies and astonishingly beautiful playing. An album full of discoveries and pleasant surprises that take the listener on a wonderful musical journey. The recording is a delight as well. Nicely mixed and so pleasant to the ears. I'm no stranger to Silhouette's music but this is a step forwards and upwards and is a stunning release. This could even be the prog release of 2014 it's that good. "Web of Lies" and "Lost Paradise" are Prog heaven. "In Solitary" has vocals to die for "Escape" has all the mystery you have been waiting for and "Beyond The Seventh Wave" is just a killer track. I hate singeling out tracks as the album needs to be listened through as a whole piece. I could make comparisons but I'm not going to as it would mislead. This is a Silhouette album through and through and I believe lifts them up into the prog hierarchy. In fact if the truth be known.....I'm just a tad jealous.....in a good way

Or you could just use the short version....Bloody bastards...This is a brilliant album......I'm Jealous"

"Silhouette is een band waar we in Nederland trots op mogen zijn. De jongens zijn inmiddels al een tijdje bezig, maar ze laten zich gelukkig niet verleiden tot slappe muzikale compromissen. Er wordt met hart en ziel aan gewerkt en dat hoor je terug aan het resultaat. Daarom heb ik ook graag een kleine bijdrage geleverd in de vorm van een solo op een van de nummers."